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Winter Gardening

Winter to-do list

By November 9, 2021No Comments

Ho hum… For the garden enthusiast, the long winters in our area can make it tough on those waiting to plant, prune, and pick.

What is a gardener to do? Even if you have been gardening for many years, here are some ideas to get you through the next few months.

Planning now makes for a more enjoyable spring.

Are you new to the area? You may need to consult with a pro at Lily and Fern. They will be happy to give you some advice on how to proceed with planting for your zone. Knowing your garden zone will also help you to determine when to begin your seeds.

Order seeds, bulbs, and other garden items in need of replacement.

Is it time for new seed trays? How about some new gardening gloves?

Mending and maintenance

Have your garden tools seen better days? Perhaps they need to be repaired, sharpened, etc.? Do you have a rototiller or other garden equipment requiring some attention?

Do you need to make improvements to pest and wildlife deterrents? Always be mindful of nontoxic vs toxic plants. When in doubt consult a professional.
Draw up a diagram for your garden- don’t forget to include raised beds and any supplies you may need for container gardening. Look for garden planning apps and software to help you with the process.

Change it up

If you haven’t looked into composting, this might be a great time to research it and figure out any materials you will need to be successful.

Is it time to change your garden location? Consider shade, incorporating flowers and pollinators into your vegetable garden, and perhaps some gourds and other flowering veggies along borders. It’s ok to change it up a little as long as you have suitable soil and adequate light for your plants.


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