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Deer-Resistant Plants

Deer-Resistant Plants

By September 7, 2021No Comments

Knowing which plants are deer resistant in zone 5 climates is crucial in maintaining any garden foliage.


With a little planning, you can prevent these creatures from wreaking havoc on your plants.

Below are ten cold-hardy plants to include in your garden for zone 5 climates.

Be sure to check with your gardening professional for tips on best soil, sun exposure, and toxicity to pets/wildlife when choosing a plant.

  • Bee balm –

    • Also called bergamot and Oswego tea, it produces vibrant, spiky flowers that attract bees and butterflies.
  • Bluebell –

    • A beautiful spring bloomer that produces striking trumpet- or bell-shaped blue flowers. Brunnera – A leafy shade plant that produces tiny, delicate, powder blue flowers.
  • Catmint –

    • A relative of catnip, it may attract the local cats to your garden. It does, however, bloom all through the summer and fall with spiky clusters of purple-blue flowers.
  • Golden Chamomile –

    • Also called golden marguerite, this 3-foot tall plant produces a spread of bright yellow daisy-shaped flowers.
  • Jack in the Pulpit –

    • It thrives in moist, shady spots.
  • Lily of the Valley –

    • A delicate sign of spring, Lily of the valley gives off a
      one-of-a-kind fragrance and is teeming with toxins, which means the deer give
      it a wide berth. It’s extremely tough, hardy down to zone 2.
  • Lungwort –

    • A wide, low-growing plant with speckled, bristly leaves and
      colorful flowers.
  • Meadow Rue –

    • A plant with spiky, delicate flowers high above its foliage for a
      unique look.
  • Sea Holly –

    • An extremely tough plant, it thrives in hot, dry, poor soil. True to
      its name, it even likes salt.

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